Custom Ordering

Please contact us for any questions or recommendations for custom ordering a specific firearm or accessory.  We can order most any make and model that is CA compliant for the cost of the firearm plus our $50 transfer fee.  We also hold a CA Large Capacity Magazine Permit for LEOs wanting to purchase standard capacity magazines.  When purchasing any firearm in CA there is a 10 day waiting period for the background check to complete from when the DROS is submitted.


We will accept firearms that are CA compliant and/or on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale from out of state to complete the transfer. Please verify the firearm is CA compliant if it is a long gun by visiting the CA DOJ website at and to look up if a handgun is on the CA DOJ Roster of Handguns at LEOs are exempt from the Handgun Roster and can call or email us to order exempt handguns.

We charge a $50 per firearm transfer fee plus applicable sales tax based on the purchase price of the firearm.


A PPT (Person to Person Transfer) is when two CA Residents want to sell, trade or gift a firearm face to face to complete the legal transfer. Both parties must be present with the dealer to perform the PPT. The 10 day waiting period still applies to PPTs.

PPT fee is $10 per firearm as set by the state of CA.


We hold a CA Ammunition Vendor License and can order your ammunition needs in small or bulk orders.


We offer all levels of firearms and tactics training from novice to expert.

Paladin Tactical provides an advisory and consulting skill set in military tactics and weapons expertise for your needs whether your project is film, television, video game production or international business protective services.

Warren is a USMC Veteran with an extensive real world experience and a marksmanship/training background. As a DOJ and NRA Certified Instructor he is more than qualified to advise individuals on how to defend their family, home and personal property.

Paladin Tactical is certified to provide all of the education necessary and to administer the Firearm Safety Certificate examination that is required to purchase a firearm in CA. 

Private and group firearms training available.

DOJ Certified Instructor - CA Firearm Safety Certificate

NRA Certified Instructor

Courses Offered:

NRA Home Firearm Safety Course

NRA First Steps Rifle Orientation

NRA First Steps Shotgun Orientation

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course

NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course

NRA Defensive Pistol Course

NRA Basic Personal Protection In the Home

NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home

NRA Range Safety Officer - For organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.


Jesse Walker - NSW (SEAL) Veteran/Tactical Instructor

Nick Kraushaar - NSW (SEAL) Veteran/Tactical Instructor

“Pom” Panade Sattayatam - Armor/Ballistics R&D Engineer/Consultant

Andrew Adam - Hunting Guide/Consultant/Sales