Paladin, noun [pal-uh-din]

  • One of the legendary Twelve Peers of Charlemagne's court.
  • A knightly or heroic champion.
  • Any determined advocate or defender of a noble cause.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

"If You Want Peace, Prepare for War"

PALADIN TACTICAL, LLC is a Veteran-Owned Business.

Paladin Tactical is a Badass American, premium apparel brand that shows its pride in the Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, the Constitution (especially the Second Amendment) and all things FREEDOM!  

How did we get so badass you ask?

Well, Paladin Tactical gained its worldly experience in badassery from the US Marine Corps, DoD contracting as well as training with Homeland Security Investigations Special Response Team (HSI SRT), being an NRA Certified Instructor and other ball busting shit around the globe.

If you want to be a badass too, then leave your feelings at the door and enter the store!