Paladin, noun [pal-uh-din]  

  • One of the legendary Twelve Peers of Charlemagne's court.
  • A knightly or heroic champion.
  • Any determined advocate or defender of a noble cause.

PALADIN TACTICAL, LLC is a Veteran-Owned Business.

Paladin Tactical provides world class training from operationally experienced members of military, law enforcement and skilled subject matter experts with varying backgrounds and the most current and up to date technical knowledge in the industry.  Our experience in weapons, marksmanship and tactics was gained through the US Marine Corps, US Federal/DOD contracting as well as training with Dept. of Homeland Security Investigations Special Response Team (HSI SRT) and extensive NRA and firearms manufacturers training.

We are a Federal Firearms Licensed Class 01 / Class 3 SOT NFA and CA Licensed Gun Dealer and hold a CA Large Capacity Magazine Permit holder for law enforcement and qualifying customers.

We specialize in the custom ordering/acquisition of firearms, ammunition and accessories specific to the individual needs of the customer.

Paladin Tactical provides an advisory and consulting skill set in military tactics and weapons expertise for your needs whether your project is film, television, video game production or international business protective services.

DOJ and NRA Certified Instructors are more than qualified to advise individuals on how to defend their family, home and personal property.

Paladin Tactical is certified to provide all of the education necessary and to administer the Firearm Safety Certificate examination that is required to purchase a firearm in CA.

Private and group firearms training available.